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Refuge Jacket
Refuge Jacket
Refuge Jacket

Refuge Jacket

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The Refuge Jacket is our flagship piece. It features high quality, carefully selected Turkish denim, branded vintage copper buttons, and subtle distressing. The oversized fit was meticulously designed to be both modest and edgy. This jacket is the embodiment of our mission to aid refugees. The Arabic script on the back was handwritten by a Muslim calligrapher. Model is wearing a size small.

The poem, written by a Syrian refugee, reads:

“Once we were at least happy. There once was peace where we resided
In our land of birth; our homeland. We never anticipated this
That war would tear us apart and leave us miserable this way
We witnessed so powerlessly our brothers and sisters brutalized
Our homes and properties burnt, and then came our displacement
We have hopes but in despair. We cried peace but in bloodshed
That oh, we’d better seek refuge. We ran for our dear lives
Hunting for safety across the borders our dreams seem direly shattered
As we seek for a new homeland, in a land where no one wants us.”