Seek Refuge is a mission-driven company.

We believe in leaving the world a better place than when we entered it.

Over $40,000 donated to refugee aid

Seek Refuge donates 20% of our profits to refugee aid organizations. Additionally, we participate in special fundraising projects with non-profit organizations such as UNRWA to provide refugees with emergency assistance and services not covered by government aid.

Non-profit partneship with Relief International

We have partnered with Relief International to bring aid to refugees around the world. RI provides emergency relief, economic rehabilitations, development assistance, and program services to vulnerable communities worldwide. Through this partnership, Seek Refuge:

- Helps fund RI's international refugee programs

- Pays for specialized medical equipment for injured refuges

- Donates money for COVID-19 PPE in refugee camps

- Shares refugee beneficiary stories to raise awareness around the refugee crisis

Research then Impact

We understand the importance of impact through advocacy, which is why we conduct research to understand the communities we work to aid. A research trip to refugee settlements in Jordan taught us that English teachers were scarce, so we donated iPads to a refugee school to enable English learning through technology. A trip to Turkey demonstrated the obstacle refugees face around employment, inspiring our choice to ethically manufacture our denim products in a facility that employs refugees.


The poem, written by a Syrian refugee

“Once we were at least happy. There once was peace where we resided. In our land of birth; our homeland. We never anticipated this. That war would tear us apart and leave us miserable this way...

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Featured in Relief International's 2020 Annual Report